The Skin Careless Philosophy

I started Skin Careless as a passion project over two years ago. It began as a way to share everything I’d personally learned through experiencing my own struggles with my skin and having to navigate the huge world of products and services out there. For the record, my experience includes: acne, fungal acne, eczema, seborrhoeic dermatitis, vitiligo and more.

I spent a lot of my life wishing I could put my skin out of my mind and just care a little less. But when you struggle with chronic skin problems, that’s just not an option. It seemed to eat up my time and energy and yet I wasn’t making the progress I wanted.

I developed an obsession with skin care and absorbing all the knowledge I could. And based on what I found, I knew that I needed to have my say. I learnt two things:

  1. I found that most of the skin care resources out there were superficial and biased, or too dense and scientific for a beginner.
  2. I also realised that so many people have the opposite problem to me; they spend their younger years ignoring their skin’s needs, only to find themselves in the unfamiliar position later on of having problem skin for the first time.

By combining that knowledge with my own experience, I came to a conclusion: we need to find the equilibrium between looking after our skin and getting it healthy, but also not letting it rule your life.

I believe that balance is possible. You can enjoy good skin and enjoy getting there. You need to strike a balance between science and efficacy and our own mental sanity. To get the best skin you can manage, but also learning to live with what you’ve got.

With a science-backed routine and the right mindset, you can use just 20% of the energy to fix 80% of your skin problems. That means more time to enjoy the process and less stress over the minutiae.

We start from the basics, so you can cut through the bullshit. So many voices in the skin care world want you to stay uninformed and invest more time and energy trying to decipher products. They tap into the fear of missing out. That’s not what I’m about.

On Skin Careless, I dive deep into how the skin works and interacts with the world, teach you to apply that knowledge to your own unique situation, and guide you to the right ingredients and products for you. Reaching your goals is all about undoing bad habits and bad attitudes and relearning the right way. To help you get there, I offer everything from simple, personalised routines and unbiased product suggestions, through to detailed ingredient breakdowns and product reviews.

What’s next?

I’m still making my way along my own skin journey, trying out all sorts of new products and treatments and having a great time doing it! I document everything here and more, so check it out.

If you just don’t know exactly where to start, then Strategic Skin is for you – it’s a complete guide covering the foundations of skin care basics and how to build a skin care routine – from healthy habits to goal-setting to product recommendations!

If you’re more of an independent researcher, check out my mega-guide full of links to the best deep-dive breakdowns of what exactly a skin care routine is.

Or, if you’re looking for something specific, check out the ‘Categories’ tab at the top of the page. or feel free to search the site.

It’s your skin and you’ve got it forl ife, so it’s time to take back control!