How to Tell If Your Redness is Rosacea

Feeling like your skin is red a lot of the time?  It’s easy to jump to conclusions (especially with the help of Dr. Google) and assume that red skin means you’re suffering from rosacea. But unfortunately there are a lot of different casues of redness and it’s no as simple as redness=rosacea. To understand this, let’s delve a little further into what rosacea actually is so you can see if your redness might be caused by rosacea.

What is rosacea?

Rosacea is a skin disorder caused by an inflammatory response in the skin which brings excess blood to the surface capillaries in the presence of triggers. Triggers are stimuli from every day life that cause a flare in rosacea, and can include sunlight, alcohol, exercise, and stress just to name a few. Over time, this rush of blood will permanently enlarge the blood vessels leading to chronic skin redness. It’s non contagious and is a chronic condition, meaning you can’t cure it but it can be treated with the right products, medication and care.

Unique features of rosacea

There are a few features of rosacea that will help you differentiate it from regular red skin. Rosacea feels hot to the touch, and the sufferers face will often feel uncomfortably stuffy, even to the point of pain. It flares up in ‘flushes’ which can wax and wane throughout the day, suddenly getting far worse at the drop of a hat. Rosacea can be also be accompanied by irregular skin texture in the form of shallow acne-like eruptions (specifically papules and pustules), often referred to as adult acne. This is all as compared to diffuse redness which is simply caused by excess surface capillaries (often from sun damage), which are constant and remain equally red throughout the day and will not feel hot to the touch. There will also be no associated acne-like eruptions.

Hopefully this helped you understand the basic feature of rosacea and why it occurs so you can determine if it’s something you’re suffering from. Rosacea needs to be diagnosed by a dermatologist, so if you feel like your skin is exhibiting signs of rosacea or is worryingly red and has been for some time, it’s time to see a doctor.

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