Winter 2018 Shelfie: Updated Skin Care Routine

Looking for some skinspiration? Since my last post about my routine, my skin care product collection has grown a lot as I’ve found more and more things that work well for me.

I want to show off the current lineup of products that are getting me through the colder months here in Australia. I’m also currently undergoing some serious skin care treatments, so now more than ever I need to fight dehydration. Below are the products I use day in and day out.

I keep these products on an eye level shelf of the bookshelf in my bedroom, right beside my bed. I find it easier to apply a product and let it absorb while laying in bed watching YouTube, rather than standing in my cold bathroom. It’s also so neat and visually appealing!

Below are the steps I take in the morning and in the evening (complete with cute diagrams!).

Morning Routine

Recently, I’ve stopped “cleansing” (read: using micellar water) in the mornings. Instead, I use the Herbs & Heart Skin Tonic on a cotton pad. I follow this up with Cezanne Ceramide Skin Conditioner High Moist as a bit of prep before my morning actives – The Ordinary’s Niacinamide + Zinc and Ethylated Ascorbic Acid (keep an eye out for a review on these two game changers). I follow those with Hada Labo’s Gokujun Moist Hyaluronic Acid Lotion and Gokujyun Premium Hyaluronic Acid Lotion a few times as a pseudo ‘seven-skin method’ of layering watery hydrators. After that, I pop on the most important part of my routine which is sunscreen. I switch between my hydrating holy-grail Sunplay Superblock SPF 50+ PA++++ and my super cosmetically elegant and mattifying Biore UV Sarasara Perfect Milk SPF50+ PA++++, depending on what I’m doing that day and how my skin is feeling.

Evening Routine

When it comes to nighttime, there are a few differences in my routine. I start off with micellar water to cleanse, but before applying any hydrators, I use either CosRX’s Blackhead Power Liquid BHA (find my CosRX haul review here) or The Ordinary’s Alpha Lipoic Acid (see my review here). I alternate between the two, and every so often give my skin a day off. After the same hydrators as in the morning, I layer on CosRX’s 96 Snail Mucin Essence. Once this has sunk in, I top it off with either The Ordinary’s 100% Squalane Oil or Retinol 1% in Squalane, and on my driest days a thin layer of Vaseline before bed.

I hope this inspires you to take care of your skin care collection, display it proudly, and use it regularly!



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